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CPACC Practice Exam - 4

CPACC Practice Exam - 4

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________________ are mental disorders that cause severe concern over food and weight

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Accessibility for people with multiple disabilities is rooted in the _______________.

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Experiences that include continuous talking, running around, fidgeting, touching things, and difficulty completing quiet tasks.

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Seizures caused by flashing lights are sometimes known as _________________.

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Mood Disorder causes the person to experience happy and sad feeling.

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Which category of seizure is  the one that is of interest to web developers?

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The most important consideration for designing web content for someone with motor disabilities is the inability to use:

A) The hands

B) The legs

C) The eyes

D) The mouth

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Since it is difficult to discern what an individual with multiple disabilities may need, providing support for both augmentative and alternative communication and assistive technologies, and following accessibility standards, are key for making physical and technological environments more accessible.

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Those with multiple disabilities may also benefit from using ________________  to help overcome functional limitations and support communication.

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What are the solutions to the challenges people with managing emotions or stress?

A) Apps to manage mood,

B) Stress,

C) Anxiety

D) Guided meditation

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This type of speech disability is characterized by involuntary repetition or disruption of speech sounds.

A) Apraxia

B) Stuttering

C) Cluttering

D) Dysarthria

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What are the common types of anxiety disorders ?

A) Panic Disorder

B) Phobias

C) Post-Traumatic Stress

D) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

E) All of the above

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What are the two common personality disorders?


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__________________ is an eating disorder that causes a person to eat very little food and keep weight an at unhealthy low.

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Those with antisocial personality disorder may fail to conform to social norms and laws, exhibit deceptive behaviors, habitually lie, and act impulsively and recklessly.

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Experiences that involve lack of patience and difficulty waiting on things, shouting unsolicited remarks, difficulty controlling emotions, and interrupting activities or conversations.

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Personality disorders are considered :

A) pervasive

B) inflexible

C) Impulsive

D) Hyperactive

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Ensure __________ are provided for any voice-based communication methods.

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______________ are abnormal or erratic electrical impulses in the brain that interfere with a person's ability to process information or, in some cases, control voluntary muscle movement.

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Color-coded text is accessible by default to screen reader users, because screen readers always automatically announce changes in color.

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Which of the following disorder can cause a person to experience hallucinations and delusions.

A) Positive Schizophrenia

B) Depression

C) Negative Schizophrenia

D) Bipolar disorder

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What solution do you provide for people with Speech Difficulties my also have another disability that could be one or more of the following: hearing loss, difficulty with fine motor movements, processing information, or visual impairment.

A) Ensure that all digital content is compatible with several assistive technologies such as screen readers

B) Provide captions and transcripts for video and audio materials

C) Check that digital content is keyboard accessible

D) Present information in multiple formats to assist with information processing


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communication supported through augmentative and alternative communication are :

A) Sign language,

B) Tangible symbols,

C) Computer-generated speech.

D) Screen Readers

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Unaided Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems rely on the use of electronic tools.


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What factors may cause a psychological disability?

A) Trauma,

B) Chemical imbalances,

C) Genetic factors,

D) Social factors

E) All of the above

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__________________ is an eating disorder characterized by eating a much larger amount of food in a shorter period of time than the amount that would normally be eaten.

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Which type of disability is the most common?

A) Blindness or low vision

B) Color blindness

C) Auditory disabilities

D) Motor disabilities

E) Cognitive disabilities

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__________________ , is a behavioral disorder where a person has difficulty focusing, paying attention, and controlling his or her behavior.

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The term “multiple disabilities” does not disclose what disabilities are involved, how many disabilities, or the degree of each disability.

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Experiences with ADHD are divided into three subcategories:

A) inattention

B) hyperactivity

C)  impulsivity

D) hypersensitivity

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Experiences mainly involve difficulty focusing and processing new information, being distracted easily, daydreaming, difficulty organizing and completing a task, and difficulty following instructions.

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What solutions can a Web Developer provide for people with Sensitivity to flashing lights, blinking, and flickering stimuli?

A) Avoid creating animations, videos, and other graphics, that have flashing or strobe-like effects whenever possible

B) If flashing content must be used, flashing should not last for more than three (3) seconds

C) Tools that may be helpful are flicker-free monitors, monitor glare guards, and non-glare glasses.

D) Use can use Screen Readers Only

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__________________  is a personality disorder where a person experiences long-term instability in mood, behaviors, relationships and self-image.

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A person with borderline personality disorder may partake in impulsive activities like substance or alcohol abuse, and exhibit self-harming or suicidal behaviors

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Under the Information, Communication and Technology domain what are the solutions for challenges for people with Speech Disability and unable to communicate with voice-based technology tools like virtual meetings?

A) Provide text-based alternative solutions such as chat, email, and forms

B) Provide Screen Readers

C) Provide Braille devices

D) All of the above

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What are the three most common types of eating disorders?

A) anorexia nervosa

B) bulimia nervosa

C) compulsive (binge) eating

D) Overeating

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Input design considerations for blindness, low vision, motor disabilities, auditory disabilities, and cognitive disabilities as people with speech disabilities may have more than one disability.

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What are the common types of mood disorders?

A) Depression

B) Bi-polar disorder

C) Season Affective disorder

D) Anxiety disorder

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_________________  is a personality disorder where a person exhibits a pattern of behavior that shows no regard for the rights of others and violates the rights of others.

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__________________ is an eating disorder where a person eats a lot of food and then purges the food.

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Which of the following is NOT a method for making text more readable or someone with low vision?

A) Zoom or magnify text on the screen

B) Use synchronized video captions

C) Change text and background colors for better contrast

D) Use screen reader

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The combination of two or more disabilities that may involve speech, motor, visual and hearing impairments, as well as a learning disability or an intellectual disability is called _________________.

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Depression is a brian disorder that causes a person to experience both happy and sad feelings.

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What are the recommended solutions for people in Difficulty with producing speech sounds?

A) May use low tech AAC such as communication boards or gestures to supplement speech

B) May use high tech AAC such computer-generated voices to replace speech

C) Be patient and give people time to communicate thoughts; Ask for clarification, if necessary

D) Use alternative keyboard methods

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_______________  include depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and schizophrenia.

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What are the solutions to the challenges of displaying appropriate behavior?

A) Behavior chart

B) Point sheets

C) Goal tracking

D) Positive reinforcement and rewards

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Which is NOT an example of assistive technology that helps with using the internet?

A) Screen Readers

B) Screen Magnifiers

C) Refreshable braille devices

D) Wheelchair

E) Mouth Stick

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Compulsive eating may involve eating much faster than normal, eating when there is no indication of hunger, eating between daily meals, and eating more than 5,000 calories in one sitting.

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Under the Architecture & Built Environment domain, what are the solutions for people using a wheelchair user, or may have difficulty using hands or arms?


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Schizophrenia is an extremely complex disorder. The causes of schizophrenia are unknown, but theories suggest that genetics and biology may be factors. Experiences with this disorder are :

A) generally categorized into two groups: "positive" and "negative."

B) Positive schizophrenia experiences involve hallucinations and delusions.

C) People with positive schizophrenia see things and hear voices.

D) Negative schizophrenia experiences involve a lack of motivation, a dreary mood, and isolating oneself from society.

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