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Deque - Universal Design for Web

Deque - Universal Design for Web

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_________________  works best when users can turn it on or off, or when there is a separate version of the video with audio descriptions for blind users, in addition to the original version without audio descriptions.

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The only people who will know the alt text is there are ____________, who will hear the alt text read out loud to them, or they will feel characters with their fingers if they are using braille output.

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It is never acceptable to have a web page or widget that can be used only with the__________ .

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Some people with __________  see in low contrast, making it hard for them to read text if the color and brightness of the text are too similar to the background behind the text.

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A_____________  is  the only way to make video or audio content accessible to someone who is both deaf and blind.

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Videos with lots of visual activity, requires accompanying narration or dialog to explain the visual activity, the ________ will not understand what's happening.

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If one or more links says something meaningless like "click here," or "more...", or other similar phrases, screen reader users _________________.

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When screen readers read links either using the tab key or keyboard shortcut, they ignore all of the text around the links and read only the__________ .

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______________  are a recording of a person explaining the visual aspects of the video that aren't in the video's original dialog or narration

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Some widgets, especially the more complex ones, may require the use of the _____________   (to activate links, forms, or buttons)

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A person who is _________ cannot see any colors.

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Most of the time, sighted users will not see it as ________ is usually invisible to the users.

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Blind users can't see this visual organization, though, so you have to make the association explicit between ______________ .

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Navigating through_________  like this makes it easier to understand what the page is about and how the page is structured.

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Ensure that all functionality is ___________ , that the tab order is logical, and that the focus indicator is always visible to sighted keyboard users.

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A person with ____________  may be able to see most colors just fine, but may not be able to distinguish certain combinations of colors, such as reds and greens.

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_____________  are a way to help speed up navigation and make the structure of the page easier to understand.

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In some browsers, like Firefox and Internet Explorer, the small grey dotted line is too subtle for people with ___________ to see well.

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To create a tagged PDF file, it's best to start with a good accessible document in an authoring tool like Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. Both of these programs can convert to tagged PDF rather smoothly. To do so, though, you'll need _____________ .

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Unfortunately, not all people can see colors, so you need to supplement colors with text-based information that __________ .

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An image, by itself, is useless to a blind person because _____________ aren't smart enough to be able to interpret the image or read the image.

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Good link text makes the navigation more understandable for everyone, including people with _____________

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The ___________  can be converted into braille, to be read on a refreshable braille output device.

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Some widgets, especially the more complex ones, may require the use of ___________   (for navigating between items in lists or tabs),

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This text is easy to read because it is the ____________  possible: black against white.

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The __________  can read tagged PDF files, but it can't create them.

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You can use ________  to enhance the visual focus indicator by adding a background color, or a more visible outline, or a more obvious color change for the text.

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_____________  attempts to create designs that apply to people with or without disabilities.

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Provide short, meaningful alt text that serves as an effective replacement for the image for people ______________ .

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Provide ________________  for the blind who cannot see video or hear audio.

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To make videos with lots of visual activity accessible to a blind person, you need to provide a version of the video with _____________ .

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Universal design is a _____________ , benefitting a wide range of users. Whereas, providing accommodations is a _____________ .

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Provide a _____________  for those who are both deaf and blind who cannot see video or hear audio.

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Associate data cells with header cells to allow __________   users to navigate effectively within tables.

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To make a PDF document accessible, it must be in ___________ format, and must be edited for reading order, tab order, and other semantic and structural markup. Also provide an accessible alternative to the PDF document.

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Every form element needs a label, and that label must be associated explicitly with the form element in the_________ .

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__________ makes it possible to make interactive JavaScript accessible to people who can't see them.

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__________ allows web pages to talk to screen readers in ways that were simply impossible before.

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Some widgets, especially the more complex ones, may require the use of ____________  (for activating buttons and checking or unchecking elements)

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Screen readers can read only ________.

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A person with____________ may be able to see some or most colors, but the colors may be difficult to distinguish.

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Not all keyboard users are blind. __________  users need to see where the focus is at all times.

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Provide ____________ for the people who are deaf.

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Mac users can now use_________  to create, edit, and read PDF documents.

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Ensure the contrast of the text against the background is sufficient to allow the text to be read easily.

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_________  can be inserted in HTML to announce such things as when a tab is selected or when a checkbox is checked or when a tree view is expanded.

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The most straightforward way to apply a label is to use the _______ tag.

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You can add markup to PDF files in much the same way that you add markup to HTML files, creating what is known as a __________  file.

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Usually browsers will put a _________   or a glowing line around the object in focus, as long as you don't turn this feature off in your styles.

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Not everyone is sighted though. You need to add a bit of extra markup for ______________  users to ensure that the screen reader will read the label with the form element.

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Untagged files that are inaccessible to screen readers. You will need ____________  to help with the conversion to tagged PDF and the touchup of the file after the conversion.

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