DQ – Module 10: Dynamic Updates, AJAX, and Single-Page Apps

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  • Number of questions: 15
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multi Answer and True/False
  • Difficulty: Advance
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DQ - Module 10: Dynamic Updates, AJAX, and Single-Page Apps

DQ - Module 10: Dynamic Updates, AJAX, and Single-Page Apps

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If one of your pages employs a time-limit, which of the following are recommended?

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While portions of a page are still loading (lazy loading):

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ARIA live announcements are an effective way to notify users of new content without moving the user's focus.

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If refreshing page content is important for a web site, it is recommended that users be notified that new content is available using a dialog or an ARIA alert message depending on the urgency of the update.

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Regarding single-page applications, which of the following statements is FALSE?

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Infinite scrolling may prevent a user from accessing information that comes after the infinite scrolling area.

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aria-live="assertive" always gives screen reader users updates, while aria-live="polite" asks the user if they would like updates.

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Which of the following is NOT a consideration when moving focus to new content:

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Accessibility problems associated with automatically refreshing or reloading a page include:

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The ARIA live region must be present on the page and must be empty before inserting the content to be announced.

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ARIA live announcements should be used to announce the the time left on a countdown timer every time the visible time remaining changes.

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Interstitial views are intended to be temporary and therefore it is not required to make screen reader users aware of their presence.

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When a user allows a session to time out, it is not necessary to save data because the user would have extended the session if they intended to continue.

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Giving a screen-reader only method for skipping past scrolling content is an acceptable method for implementing infinite scrolling accessibly.

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When moving focus to an element that is not focusable, it is important to include which one of the following attributes on the container:

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