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DQ - Module 13: Web Accessibility Testing: Basic Methods and Tools The Scope of the Test

DQ - Module 13: Web Accessibility Testing: Basic Methods and Tools The Scope of the Test

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The purpose of links must always be conveyed through the link text itself.

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About a third of accessibility problems can be found through automated testing.

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Testing all of the pages of a web site may not be easy or practical, but it has to be done to ensure an adequately compliant site.

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If error messages used in form validation are conveyed through a screen reader, then they do not need to be visible.

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Remediation for all accessibility issues should be:

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Testing to uncover any new errors introduced by the remediation process is called:

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The first step to conducting web accessibility testing is:

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When beginning the actual testing process, what should testers do first?

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The more developers incorporate automated accessibility testing into the build/creation phase, the more confident they will be in addressing accessibility issues.

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If a bug report includes a title, description, and steps to reproduce the issue, what should it also include to make it more effective? (Select all that apply)

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All of the following are things to consider when determining the scope of the accessibility tests, EXCEPT:

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Automated testing should only be conducted during the testing phase of the development lifecycle.

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Which type of testing allows developers to evaluate small chunks of code for accessibility issues wiout any dependencies?

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An effective bug report should be written for which of the following recipients?

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To be compliant, captions for videos must include all of the following EXCEPT:

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Screen readers can help you identify issues with which of the following?

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Analyzing specific page content like images, forms, tables, and widgets should be included in the scope of the evaluation.

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