DQ – Module 3 – Semantic Structure and Navigation

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  • Passing score: 95%
  • Time limit: 40 minutes
  • Number of questions: 48
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multi Answer and True/False
  • Difficulty: Advance
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DQ - Module 3 - Semantic Structure and Navigation

DQ - Module 3 - Semantic Structure and Navigation

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Which of the following statement(s) about deprecated HTML elements or attributes is/are FALSE?

 A) They have been replaced by newer constructs such as CSS.

B) They are typically structural in nature.

C) They may cause users to be unable to override the deprecated items with their own style sheets.

D) They are disallowed by WCAG 2.0 standards.

E) They are outdated or obsolete.

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Screen readers announce emphasized text when it is marked with:

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On a so-called single-page application — in which AJAX is used to bring in new content without refreshing or loading the entire web page — any time that the URL changes, the page title should be updated accordingly.

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Links can be the same color as the surrounding non-link text as long as an underline appears on mouse hover and on keyboard focus.

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In a table with two header cells in the first row ("Male" and "Female"), and with 5 header cells under each of them, the header cells in the first row should be marked as:

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Screen readers can identify the current location within a navigation menu based on the visual styles

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The concept of robust technology compatibility is to support compatibility of web content with current and future user agents — especially assistive technologies.

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All of the following are true about skip links, except:

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If the user has the screen reader language set to French and a web page is written in English but does NOT specify the language of the document in the markup, how will the screen reader read the text?

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Identifying the language of a document or part of a document is important for users of:

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All of the following are valid ARIA landmark roles except:

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If there are multiple navigation landmarks in the same page:

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The correct location to identify the main language of an entire page is:

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Sighted keyboard users can navigate by headings, landmarks, and other semantic features, just like blind screen reader users.

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What will a screen reader say when it comes across code marked as follows?
<p>Twin mattress




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One of the main ways to make an <iframe> accessible is to add:

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Links must be visually distinguishable from the surrounding non-link text

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The main navigation menu should:

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If the heading level 1 (<h1>) at the beginning of the main content says "How to hang ten on a surfboard," the most appropriate <title> for the page from among the options below would be:

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The correct way to designate a navigation list as a navigation landmark is:

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Which of the following would be the best <title> for a page describing the autocorrect features of a software product called "Tri-coil" by a company named "Bob's Brilliant Software?"

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What does the JAWS screen reader read with regard to the name/label of an <iframe>?

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Screen readers do not read nested lists (lists within lists) properly.

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If a page has 3 headings, and an <iframe>, and if the page within the <iframe> has 2 headings, how many headings total will show up in the screen reader's list of headings on the parent page?

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Links on the same page that go to the same destination should have the same text within the link.

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Complex tables with merged cells are easy for screen readers to understand, as long as the table has all the necessary accessible markup.

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Which of the following will be recognized as a valid heading by screen readers?

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Which of the following elements will most screen readers announce to users (in terms of the semantic meaning of the element itself)?

  1. q
  2. del
  3. ins
  4. mark
  5. code
  6. pre
  7. B and C
  8. D and E
  9. All of the above
  10. None of the above

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If a person types "vegetarian recipes" in a site search, which of the following is the best page title on the search result page?

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All of the following statements are true, except:

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Layout tables are not permitted by WCAG standards.

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Screen readers will recognize the following code as a list:

1. First item<br>

2. Second item<br>

3. Third item


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What is the official character limit within a heading?

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If you want to highlight text on a web page, when is it necessary to add additional text so that screen reader users know the text is important?

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he correct language code for German web content is:

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The correct way to code a table cell that is a column header cell is:

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All of the following HTML elements are deprecated in HTML5 except:

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Which of the following methods could be used to mark the current location within a paginated view? (Select all that apply)

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Screen readers will announce the number of items in a bulleted list if the list is marked up properly.

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A page with 47 landmarks:

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In complex tables, each data cell must be explicitly associated with each corresponding header cell by which method?

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 Which of the following does NOT represent best practice, in terms of creating a structured outline of the content with headings?

A) <h1>

B) <h1>

C) <h1>

D) <h1>

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WCAG 2.0 level double A (AA) requires headings to be in a valid hierarchy under all circumstances. A heading 4 (<h4>) cannot directly follow a heading 2 (<h2>), for example. The next subheading under the heading 2 (<h2>) MUST be a heading 3 (<h3>).

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If an <iframe> contains only JavaScript that is not meant to be read by the user, what is the best way to address this <iframe> in terms of accessibility?

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Which of the following is NOT considered an aspect of well-formed markup?

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Screen readers will read the alt text of an image within a heading as part of the heading text.

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Which of the following is a recommended way to emphasize text accessibly for screen reader users?

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The accessible name for a data table should be contained in what element?

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