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DQ - Module 5: Visual Design and Colors

DQ - Module 5: Visual Design and Colors

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Which of the following CSS methods will effectively hide content such as inactive dialogs from both screen reader users and sighted users? (Select all that apply)

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CSS-generated content is universally supported by screen readers, and is recommended for use.

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What is the purpose of "visual white space" in web design?

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From an accessibility stance, why should standard (real) text and native UI components be used instead of images of text and UI components?

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Which categories of fonts are acceptable general-purpose fonts in terms of readability?

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Which of the following text formats allows user customizability of things like color, font, size, etc.?

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The best way to fix focus order problems is to use tabindex values greater than 1.

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When the order of content in a webpage's source code does not match the visual presentation of the content, the following users may find it hard to use the page:

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Providing alternative text for an image that communicates information using color alone is sufficient in communicating that information to users.

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The contrast ratio for visual focus indicators must be at least:

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When high contrast is activated on an operating system, a user cannot choose to have the high contrast theme override the styling of a web page.

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Using distinct colors only for hover and focus on links are enough to distinguish links from normal text.

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If the text label for an icon is placed visually too far away from its text label, which category of users with a disability will be most affected?

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The line spacing within a paragraph of text should be at least 2.0.

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What is the recommended maximum number of main focus areas on a web page?

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For screen reader users, the reading order and focus order are always the same thing.

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Which of the following groups of people are affected when only color is used to communicate information on a web page? (Select all that apply)

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Why is using real HTML text instead of text in an image helpful? (Select all that apply)

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Paragraph text should be full justified because the neat edges are less distracting for people with reading disorders

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To help people who have trouble keeping their place and following the flow of text when columns of text are too wide, you can do which of the following? (Select all that apply)

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The spacing between paragraphs should be at least 1.5 times the line spacing.

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A text label for a form input should never be placed adjacent to that text input.

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The order that screen readers navigate through page content is determined by the: (Select all that apply)

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The contrast ratio for UI component boundaries must be at least:

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To aid people with low vision or color deficiencies, the contrast between text and its background must be at least:

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What method can be used to distinguish UI components from surrounding content?

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Enhancing the visual focus indicator benefits which group of users? (Select all that apply)

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An inactive dialog box that is not visible to sighted users must be hidden from blind users to give them an equivalent experience.

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Which of the following can impact the reading order and focus order of page content? (Select all that apply)

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