DQ – Module 8: Device-Independent User Input Methods Mouse Input

  • Fee: Free Practice Tests (based on CPACC Guide https://www.accessibilityassociation.org/ )
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  • Time limit: 15 minutes
  • Number of questions: 18
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multi Answer and True/False
  • Difficulty: Advance
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DQ - Module 8: Device-Independent User Input Methods Mouse Input

DQ - Module 8: Device-Independent User Input Methods Mouse Input

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Interactive elements within content that moves or disappears quickly may be problematic for which group(s) of users? (Select all that apply)

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If the tab order is not correct, the best way to fix it is to:

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Dragon provides support for nearly 100% of ARIA attributes.

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If you code a widget to be fully keyboard-accessible when using the arrow keys, touch devices users (without keyboards) will still not be able to use the widget, in most cases.

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Which of the following items will be focusable with the tab key?

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A safe keystroke to use for custom keyboard functionality on web pages is the "H" key.

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Adequate mouse-click target sizes help which of the following user categories? (Select all that apply)

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The mouse cursor becomes a hand pointer when the mouse cursor hovers over which of the following native HTML elements?

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The accessibility design and development principles for speech recognition users are largely the same as those for keyboard-only and screen reader users.

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Custom JavaScript gesture events on web pages will probably not work when a touch device screen reader is turned on.

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Which of the following is NOT an acceptable visual focus indicator style?

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Screen readers automatically notify users when a web page implements custom keystrokes.

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Enhanced visual hover indicators help users who can only navigate websites with a keyboard

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All of the following statements regarding transitions on a web page are true EXCEPT:

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What should be the logical progression of the focus when a person opens and then closes an ARIA dialog?

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When basic Dragon voice commands do not work on a web page, an alternate method that can be used to interact with page content is called "Voice Grid."

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Voice input or speech recognition software is most commonly used by which of the following user categories?

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The minimum recommended touch target size is:

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