DQ – Module 9: Form Labels, Instructions, and Validation

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DQ - Module 9: Form Labels, Instructions, and Validation

DQ - Module 9: Form Labels, Instructions, and Validation

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Which of the code examples below best adheres to the requirements and best practices for error feedback?

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Which one of the following is NOT a screen reader mode?

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Which of the following methods is NOT a best practice for progressive form updates?

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Which is NOT a good technique for preventing errors in forms?

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Adding the ARIA attribute aria-required="true" tells every user that a form input is required.

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The basic keyboard commands for interacting with HTML form controls are common across all screen reader / browser combinations.

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Which of the following is the most semantically-appropriate way to associate instructions with an input?

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To conform to ARIA specification, all of the following methods should be applied when creating a custom checkbox within a form EXCEPT:

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Color must never be used in labels.

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Instructions that aren't placed visually near their corresponding form fields can negatively impact which of the following user categories?

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Group labels must be available to all users — sighted and non-sighted alike.

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What might happen if an aria-live announcement is tied to a blur event in a form?

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Which ARIA attribute should be used to provide more information about an error in a form element?

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Which of the following statements about labels is NOT correct?

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What should happen to the page title if a form submission causes the same page to reload?

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As long as a group label is programmatically associated with the group of fields it labels, its location in the DOM does not matter.

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The default mode for most screen readers is forms mode.

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In terms of accessibility, if error messages are programmatically associated with their form inputs, then providing visible error messages for form inputs is optional.

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Why is the use of placeholder text as a form label bad for accessibility?

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When multiple visible labels are used to label one field, the best attribute to associate each label with the field is aria-label.

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Changes in context can inhibit accessibility when those changes happen automatically and users aren't allowed to request the changes in context.

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Using the Tab key to move through a page will put focus on all of the following elements EXCEPT:

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Which of the following methods does NOT programmatically associate form instructions with their associated fields?

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Which ARIA attribute should be used to identify which form elements have errors?

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Regions like aria-live and role="alert" can be used to convey success messages as long as success messages aren't hidden from visual users.

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Icons must not be used as labels.

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From an accessibility perspective, focusing on a form element must not cause a change of context, but context changes may occur when a user hovers over a form element.

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Since plain text is non-focusable, text such as instructions or formatting hints should not be placed in the middle of a form unless the text is programmatically associated with a focusable element.

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Custom form elements should be modeled after native HTML form elements.

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Which of the following methods can NOT be used to associate a group label with the fields it labels?

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The most recommended method to programmatically associate a label and form field is:

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Using a different text color for an input's label to convey that input is required may exclude all of the following user categories EXCEPT:

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When one visible label is used to label multiple fields, such as the three parts of a telephone number, each individual field must have a screen reader accessible label.

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