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edX Questions - 1

edX Questions - 1

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Only people who are blind or have significant low vision use screen readers. People who can see well do not use screen readers.

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A User-centred design process goes through the following stages. (Check the one that applies.)

A) Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Stop

B) Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Evolution, Stop

C) Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Evolution, Repeat...

D) Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Evolution, Evaluation, Stop.

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What challenges do braille display users and users with physical impairments have in common? (Check all that apply.)

A) Lack of keyboard accessibility and insufficient text size

B) Lack of keyboard accessibility and missing labels on buttons

C) Lack of keyboard accessibility and illogical focus order

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When you put a video which starts automatically up on your website, what should you do? (Check all that apply.)

A) Provide a control to turn off sounds that play automatically

B) Provide a control to adjust the volume of audio

C) Provide a link to text version of the video content

D) Provide a control to pause the video

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What are the 'essential componants of accessibility' as described by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)?

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What is the most important reason for including accessibility requirements into your organization's procurement procedures?

A) it protects you from litigation

B) suppliers are then contractually obligated to provide accessibility

C) it makes selection processes easier

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Digital accessibility addresses the user needs of people with which of the following disabilities? (Check all that apply)

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Which of the following people should you include in your new website design project? (Check all that apply)

A) senior management

B) client focus groups

C) staff from your organisation

D) external experts in web accessibility

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Why are tooltips problematic for screen magnification users?

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A wheelchair user has a tablet computer mounted on her chair in landscape mode. The news reading app she wants to use requires the device to be rotated to portrait mode. What is this an example of?

A) a physical disability

B) a situational limitation

C) poor mobile app design

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Which adaptive strategies make audiovisual presentations more accessible?

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What is the definition of assistive technology?

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Which of the following are examples of assistive technologies? (Choose all that apply.)

A) Glasses

B) Spell checker

C) Specialized keyboard

D) Screen reader

E) Voice assistance such as Alexa, Google home or Cortana

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Select some of the types of accessibility considerations defined by WCAG: (Check all that apply.)

A) give users enough time to read and use content

B) help users avoid and correct mistakes

C) remove all images and graphics from your content

D) maximize compatibility with current and future user tools

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What assistive technologies might a person with autism more commonly use?

A) Screen magnification

B) A screen reader

C) Speech input

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What type of assistive technology could help a user with limited upper body movement?

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What do blind people use to enable them to watch and understand video content? Consider different types of 'video content', for example with and without audio, and people with multiple disabilities. (2 correct answers)

A) Closed Captions

B) Text transcripts

C) Sign Language

D) Audio Description

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An outdoor workman is having trouble using a website on his mobile phone due to bright sunlight. What is this an example of?

A) a visual disability

B) a situational limitation

C) poor mobile phone design

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Who is involved in the development of the WCAG standard? (Check all that apply.)

A) international experts from different sectors

B) secret guild of undisclosed participants

C) everyone can provide comments and contribute

D) people with disabilities, industry, and more

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Which of the following are types of components to look for this basic structure check? (Check all that apply.)

A) page titles

B) lists

C) headings

D) colors

E) tables

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Most people with a "visual disability" rely on a screen reader that reads aloud the text that is displayed on the monitor.

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What are some of the main types of accessible alternatives for multimedia? (Check all that apply.)

A) sign language

B) captions

C) transcripts

D) French translation

E) audio descriptions

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The main point of the Web Accessibility Perspectives video (that showed people using accessibility features in many situations) is:

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Who needs to comply with international laws and standards for accessibility?

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Accessible website, apps, and other digital technology can benefit which of the following? (Check all that apply.)

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Which content might need text alternatives? (Check all that apply.)

A) charts

B) graphs

C) lists

D) images

E) headings

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If you provide text alternative for an active image (ex. link or button), the web content provided by the image should be: (Check all that apply)

A) able to be read aloud by screen readers

B) displayed on Braille output devices

C) usable by voice recognition (speech input)

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How can the browser be used to adapt content to user preferences? (Check all that apply.)

A) Increase font size

B) Zoom content

C) Adding text alternatives

D) Increase only the size of images

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Many older people have age-related impairments that can affect how they use the Web. However, many of these also apply to younger people. Which of the following impairments could apply to both groups? (Check all that apply)

A) cognition

B) hearing

C) movement

D) vision

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Can an accessibility evaluation tools test the accessibility of images?

A) Yes, they can test the existance of images and what their text alternatives are.

B) No, an evaluation tool can only identify if an image has a missing text alternative but can not tell you if that text alternative is appropriate in the context where it is present.

C) No, an evaluation tool can not identify the presence of an image or the content of the text alternative.

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The purpose of accessibility for websites, apps, and other digital technology is:

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What challenges might someone with limited speech experience on the Web? (Check all that apply.)

A) A contact us page with a phone number and no contact us form the form

B) A voice search on mobile with no text based search

C) Missing of Closed Captions

D) Missing Audio Description

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A hard-of-hearing person has trouble using a mobile app to book a table for two at a popular restaurant, because the app only has error messages via sound. What affect might this have on the restaurant's long-term business?

A) The annoyed person tells their friends and family to avoid this restaurant, and they in turn tell others who then all shun the restaurant.

B) The restaurant can comfortably advertise its new mobile app thinking it will positively impact its reputation all round.

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Audio descriptions provide which of the following? (Check all that apply.)

A) an alternative for those who cannot see the video content

B) an alternative for those who cannot hear the audio content

C) description of the visual information

D) description of the audio information

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What should captions include? (Check all that apply.)

Remember that these are alternatives to information provided in audio.

A) speaker identification

B) clarifications beyond the audio information

C) meaningful sound effects

D) meaningful music

E) meaningful laughter

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What enables people who are deaf or hard of hearing access audio and video content? (Check all that apply.)

A) Closed Captions

B) Audio Description

C) Text alternatives on media player buttons

D) A text transcript

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Making websites, apps, and other digital technologies accessible can help who: (Check all that apply.)

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Which guidelines are considered an essential component of accessibility? (Check all that apply.)

A) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

B) Screen Reader Scripting Guidelines (SRSG)

C) Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG)

D) User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG)

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What types of challenges might people with physical disabilities experience? (Choose all that apply.)

A) Poor keyboard accessibility

B) Lack of visible labels on buttons

C) Poor color contrast

D) Lack of visible focus

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Which of the following is not an example of a situational limitation?

A) trying to navigate a website designed without support for keyboard

B) trying to listen to verbal instructions on a mobile near roadworks

C) trying to operate a mobile device in direct sunlight

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What types of user may use a screen reader to acccess digital content (Choose all that apply.)

A) a user with learning difficulties

B) a blind user

C) a user with limited upper body movement

D) a user with low vision

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What does Screen Curtain do on iOS?

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Our lifespans and health are increasing and we now have more active senior citizens wanting to use our online services. What factors should we consider when designing for seniors? (Check all that apply.)

A) ability to resize text

B) reduced payment plans for services

C) subtitles on videos

D) examples of acceptable input formats for form fields

E) large control buttons

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What are essential design features for speech input? (Check all that apply.)

A) Visible page borders

B) Visible focus

C) Information that appears on hover

D) Visible labels on buttons

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Which of the following are WAI accessibility guidelines? (Check all that apply.)





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What is the commonly cited figure for the percentage of the population that have a disability? (Check all that apply.)

A) Approximately 15-20%

B) Approximately 30%

C) Less than 10%

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Which of the following groups of people benefit from digital accessibility? (Check all that apply)

A) people with dyslexia

B) people with a temporary impairment, for example a broken wrist

C) elderly people

D) people with a visual impairment

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The first thing to do to learn about making the web accessible to people with disabilities is to read all of the W3C accessibility guidelines

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Are responsive websites beneficial to screen magnification users?

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Everyone with "low vision" needs large text with lots of space between lines.

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