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This responsibility rests with every social and economic sector, every region, every government, every organization, institution and association, and every
person in Ontario.

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The other driver considered pivotal to the integration of disability rights in law in many countries is the __________________________.

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Increasing of public awareness through educational campaigns aimed at eliminating prejudices, stereotypes, and other attitudes that jeopardize the right of
persons to live as equals, thus promoting respect for and coexistence with persons with disabilities refers to____________.

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E-commerce and organizational websites and public mobile applications fall under ___________.

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The following are called :
  1. age
  2. disability
  3. gender reassignment
  4. marriage and civil partnership
  5. pregnancy and maternity
  6. race
  7. religion or belief
  8. sex
  9. sexual orientation

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The Directive refers to the ________________ to make websites and mobile apps more accessible.

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It also presents example maturity models, which provide methods for defining, managing, and measuring an organization’s performance in meeting ICT accessibility best practices.

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__________________________ does not include any legal standards for website accessibility owned by private businesses or non-profit organizations.

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Individuals with disabilities continually encounter various forms of discrimination, including outright intentional exclusion, the discriminatory effects of architectural, transportation, and communication barriers, overprotective rules and policies, failure to make modifications to existing facilities and practices, exclusionary qualification standards and criteria, segregation, and relegation to lesser services, programs, activities, benefits, jobs, or other opportunities;

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The World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative provides detailed recommendations for planning, implementing, and sustaining an organizational ICT accessibility program.

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Discrimination against individuals with disabilities persists in such critical areas as employment, housing, public accommodations, education,  transportation, is referring to the _______________________________.

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was adopted in 1990 as one of several ______________ .

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Requirements for ____________ states that websites and applications include:
• Ensuring websites and applications are accessible
• An accessibility statement
• A method for users to report inaccessibility
• A link to enforcement procedures

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_________________prohibits discrimination based on disability in the activities of places of public accommodation, which includes businesses, schools, places of recreation, offices, and medical buildings.

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The shift from the ______________ of disability is a main driver of the legal shift from a welfare or social security law model towards anti-discrimination or equality law.

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The __________________________, covers products and services identified as most important for people with disabilities provides common rules, including a comprehensive set of minimum requirements for all private businesses including manufacturers, representatives, importers and distributors (except microenterprises) to make a range of products and services accessible for persons with disabilities

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In the US, federal, state, and local government websites must meet Section 508 regulations, which are based on the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

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Historically, society has tended to isolate and segregate individuals with disabilities, and, despite some improvements, such forms of discrimination against
individuals with disabilities continue to be a serious and pervasive social problem.

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The ______________________, with ongoing refinements, ensures the rights of people with disabilities to equal opportunities and to be free from discrimination.

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The people of______________ support the right of persons of all ages with disabilities to enjoy equal opportunity and to participate fully in the life of the province.

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Which country passed passed the Equality Act 2010 in order to bring together formerly disparate anti-discrimination laws and strengthen them, in order to provide people with improved protections from discrimination in the workplace and society.

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Unlike individuals who have experienced discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, or age, individuals who have experienced
discrimination on the basis of disability have often had no legal recourse to redress such discrimination.

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The United Kingdom passed the _________________ in order to bring together formerly disparate anti-discrimination laws and strengthen them.

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Air carriers may require up to 48 hours’ advance notice for certain accommodations that require preparation time (e.g., respirator hook-up, transportation of an electric wheelchair on an aircraft with less than 60 seats).

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______________________________, which took effect in September 2018, establishes the accessibility standards rules that all public sector websites and applications in EU member states must implement, maintain, and enforce or risk fines and legal penalties.

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The Findings of ________________  state:
The Congress finds that:
physical or mental disabilities in no way diminish a person’s right to fully participate in all aspects of society, yet many people with physical or mental
disabilities have been precluded from doing so because of discrimination; others who have a record of a disability or are regarded as having a disability also have been subjected to discrimination;

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The number of persons with disabilities is expected to increase as the population ages, since the incidence of disability increases with age.

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It guarantees equal opportunities for people with disabilities in public accommodations, employment, transportation, state and local government services,  and telecommunications. This is referring to ____________________.

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The ADA is enforced by the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, and in the case of educational institutions by the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, through consent decrees and settlements.

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Careful planning is critical to effective implementation of any accessibility effort. It ensures a clear assessment of the required work, distribution of tasks, and continual follow-up on progress.
• Create an accessibility policy
• Assign responsibilities
• Determine budget and resources
• Review environment
• Review websites
• Establish a monitoring framework
• Engage with stakeholders
• Implement

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The Government of Ontario is committed to working with every sector of society to build on what it has already achieved together with those sectors and to move towards a province in which no new barriers are created and existing ones are removed.

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European Union: EN 301 549 Accessibility Requirements for Public Procurement of ICT Products and Services in Europe

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Which Act allows for NGOs, the responsible national authority or other bodies to go to court on behalf of an individual under national law.

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Some disability civil rights laws include prescriptive guidelines or checklists for measuring accessibility in such areas as architecture and the built environment, employment and the workplace, educational settings, retail venues, hospitality and entertainment.

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Laws that treat disability as a discrimination category recognize that persons with disabilities are persons with rights instead of problems.

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Align accessibility with existing organizational approaches; develop and communicate clear, measurable objectives; and engage stakeholders to secure understanding and broad support throughout the organization, is the process of :

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Procurement laws address disabilities at the ________________ by ensuring that products and services meet accessibility standards.

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To be successful within an organization, ICT accessibility must be approached strategically and programmatically, and implemented as an integral and ongoing activity. It must be _______________.

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The European Accessibility Act, passed by the European Commission in ______________

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___________________, with ongoing refinements, ensures the rights of people with disabilities to equal opportunities and to be free from discrimination.

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