PSM 1 – Additional Practice Questions 2

  • Fee: Free Practice Tests (based on Scrum Guide )
  • Passing score: 95%
  • Time limit: 40 minutes
  • Number of questions: 49
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multi Answer and True/False
  • Difficulty: Advance

You have 40 minutes to pass the Assessment Test.

PSM 1 - Additional Practice Questions 2

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Scheduling the Daily Scrum meeting is the responsibility of ________________.

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Who is invited to the Sprint Review meeting?

A) Product Owner

B) Development Team

C) Stakeholders

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The work needed to review and update the Scrum Artifacts should take no more than about _____ of the effort of the team.

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Which statement is an incorrect assessment of the Product Owner?

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The Time-Box limit for a 1 month Sprint is______.

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Who must conform to the definition of done?

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Which topics should be discussed in the Sprint Review?

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Daily Scrum meeting is a time-box meeting scheduled for ____________.

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The __________Team

  • Understand what they are planning to deliver.
  • They can explain how they plan to deliver a working product increment.


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Who is responsible for conducting the Sprint Retrospective meeting?

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  • What have we delivered so far?
  • What is still to be done?

These two things helps the team in ______________ aim for the next Sprint. 

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The adjusting part to the Scrum is something that the relevant smaller sub-groups can discuss after the scrum meeting.

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Scrum owner does not run the Scrum.

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What is the Time-box for the Sprint Retrospective?

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When the team inspect and adapt the ongoing work of the sprint during the daily Scrum will result in _______________.

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Who in collaboration with the team, refines the backlog on a continual basis. 

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Who is responsible to answer any new questions the team may have?

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Stakeholders and the development team review and update the product backlog. The revised backlog becomes the starting point for planning the next sprint. This is done as part of ________________.

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___________is the plan how the team will deliver as part of their Sprint Goal.

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The Development team cannot prioritize, scope or descope work from the sprint.

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When does Scrum team membership change?

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What are the inputs to the Sprint Retrospective meeting?

A) Previous improvement actions

B) The Product Backlog

C) The Sprint Backlog

D) Any tracking metrics or notes gathered during the sprint

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 ______________is a list of items that the team has committed to working on and delivering during the Sprint

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The Daily Scrum Meeting:

A) Focusing on the items re-enforces that the team owns all the items.

B) Makes sure the team considers all the items.

C) Collaboration and support should be a strength of a motivated team.

D) Focusing on the result by the whole team gives this an appropriate importance and value.

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Based on the sprint goal and who is available to deliver it the team can then decide how much to take on. 

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Backlog items cannot be more complex or should not have other dependencies. 

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The Scrum Master has these responsibilities:

A) They make sure the meeting happens.

B) They make sure that no-one who is not part of the team attends.

C) They help the team learn to keep the discussion to the 15 minutes.

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This meeting is about 'walking the board' rather than having individuals report progress.

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What is still to be done is referring to ___________________.

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When does the Sprint Review happens _______________.

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What is the output of a Sprint Retrospective?

A) An improvement plan

B) How they completed the work over the last Sprint

C) What went well and where there are areas of improvement

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  • What have we delivered so far?
  • What is still to be done?

These two inputs helps the team decide_____________________.

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Sprint Retrospective is time-box for _________ hours for a 1 month Sprint.

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The discussion with stakeholders and the chance to adapt the product backlog is a vital a part of the ________________.

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The Development team creates a plan for how they are going to improve things for the next Sprint, this is done as part of ____________.

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Who is responsible to ensure increment meets the Sprint Goal and delivers the capabilities of the Product Backlog items in scope.

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Since the time for the Scrum Meeting is so tight therefore the meeting is focused it needs constraining to only the people doing the work. 

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Can the team add or remove items from the product backlog into a backlog for the sprint to satisfy the Sprint Goal?

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Which of the below are main Scrum roles in a Scrum Team?

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The transparency and inspection of:

  • What happened yesterday?
  • What is the plan for today?
  • Are there any impediments / blockers?

is part of ___________________.

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During a Sprint, when is new work or further decomposition of work added to the Sprint Backlog?

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A) The Team demonstrate the new increment to stakeholders and get their feedback.

B) The team can highlight any new features and show how they relate to the product backlog items.

These tasks are done as part of _________________.

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When should the Product Owner ship or implement a Sprint increment?

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Setting up the  ______________ meeting for the same time and place each day makes it as easy as possible for everyone in the team to plan to attend. 

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What are the outputs of the Sprint Review process?

A) Feedback from Stakeholders

B) A revised Product Backlog

C) New Product Increment

D) The Sprint Backlog

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The goal of the Daily Scrum meeting is __________________________.

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How much work must a Scrum Team do to a Product Backlog it selects for a Sprint?

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When does it gives the whole team a chance to communicate, to consider their progress, and to adapt what they are doing.

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The Development team response to what have we delivered so far is referring to __________________.

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