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6.4 and 6.5 - Domain-Specific and Government Procurement Laws and Regulations

6.4.1. Examples of Domain-Specific Laws
6.4.2. Examples of Procurement Laws.
6.5. Applying Accessibility Standards and Regulations to ICT

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Procurement laws address disabilities at the ________________ by ensuring that products and services meet accessibility standards.

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Requirements for ____________ states that websites and applications include:
• Ensuring websites and applications are accessible
• An accessibility statement
• A method for users to report inaccessibility
• A link to enforcement procedures

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__________________________ does not include any legal standards for website accessibility owned by private businesses or non-profit organizations.

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The ADA is enforced by the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, and in the case of educational institutions by the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, through consent decrees and settlements.

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______________________________, which took effect in September 2018, establishes the accessibility standards rules that all public sector websites and applications in EU member states must implement, maintain, and enforce or risk fines and legal penalties.

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The European Accessibility Act, passed by the European Commission in ______________

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E-commerce and organizational websites and public mobile applications fall under ___________.

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The Directive refers to the ________________ to make websites and mobile apps more accessible.

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Air carriers may require up to 48 hours’ advance notice for certain accommodations that require preparation time (e.g., respirator hook-up, transportation of an electric wheelchair on an aircraft with less than 60 seats).

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In the US, federal, state, and local government websites must meet Section 508 regulations, which are based on the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

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_________________prohibits discrimination based on disability in the activities of places of public accommodation, which includes businesses, schools, places of recreation, offices, and medical buildings.

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European Union: EN 301 549 Accessibility Requirements for Public Procurement of ICT Products and Services in Europe

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