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DQ - Types of Disabilities (2)

DQ - Types of Disabilities (2)

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Math disability is less of an _____________  than a psychological deficit.

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Most people with ________________  experience limited comprehension, may not be able to understand complex ideas, have difficulty with metaphors or abstract language.

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Assistive Technologies Used by People with Motor Disabilities is  ____________________

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The solution for people Dyslexia and Reading disabilities who often have the burden of deciphering content from the way it is presented is to:


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Those who identify with Deaf Culture view deafness using the ________________  model of disability.

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People with compound disabilities may have difficulty solving technical problems or fixing errors:

A) Ensure users are alerted to errors
B) Create simple solutions
C) Provide clear solutions to fix errors
D) Organized Designs

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For people with Auditory disabilities where Doorbells, alarms, and other sounds may not be heard:

A) Provide alternative visual alerts, such as lights that flash, pulse, dim, turn on, or turn of.
B) Provide text descriptions
C) Provide audio
D) Provide captions

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For pre-recorded audio-only files, the best solution is usually a ______________.

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Between ____________ of children across the world have ADHD, which can often result in fine motor control difficulty

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People with Motor disabilities may be unable to use a mouse due to difficulty or inability to use hands:

A) Alternative keyboards, mouth sticks, single switch devices, speech recognition software and eye tracking technologies enable users to use a computer without the need for a mouse
B) Developers and designers can ensure digital content is accessible using keyboard devices

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The _____________ should include all of the narration, dialog, and other important sounds, such as applause, crashes, music, etc for people with auditory disabilities.

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The content must be compatible with a wide variety of ________ and methods.

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____________________  can also result from traumatic injury, infections, chemical imbalances, or other conditions later in life.

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Video files usually contain audio synchronized with video itself.

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People with Motor disabilities may have difficulty using hands or arms to open doors:

A) Provide automatic doors or doors than can be opened using a large button
B) Equip doors with lever-type handles/doorknobs for easier opening or closing
C) Provide ramps and elevators

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The solution for people with Dyslexia and Reading disabilities who may have difficulty processing content through visual means :

A) Can use a screen reader to get content in an auditory method to reinforce what is being seen
B) May be granted additional time to complete tasks
C) May apply a custom style sheet
D) Ability to change the content

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For people with Auditory disabilities where speeches and talks cannot be heard by deaf people in the room:

A ) Provide sign language interpretation
B) Provide audio descriptions
C) Provide live captions on a monitor during the speech
D) Provide text descriptions

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Approximately _____of adults in the US have a mobility disability.

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Most of the web is accessible to people with auditory disabilities, because most of the web is presented in a _______________.

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For people with Auditory disabilities where the audio portion of videos cannot be heard:

A) Provide synchronized captions with videos

B) Provide sign language interpretation
C) Provide text descriptions
D) Provide Audio descriptions

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___________ are also the only way that a person who is both deaf and blind can access video or audio content at all, because neither the video nor the audio is directly accessible to someone who is deaf and blind.

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Many people with cognitive disabilities experience difficulty reading, visual encoding of text can be difficult, so they have a hard time spelling or reading words: This refers to _______________.

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People with cognitive disabilities  may find complex designs and tasks in digital format overwhelming:
A) Create simple, predictable, organized designs
B) simplify user interface components

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The solutions for people with Math and ICT disabilities may have the inability to distinguish right from left in graphic images are:

A) Can read data in a data table or text description as an alternative to graphic representations of data when an alternative is provided.
B) Use Screen Reader
C) Use online calculators
D) May be granted additional time to complete tasks

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For people with Auditory disabilities where audio content cannot be heard is :

A) Provide a transcript
B) Provide an audio descriptions
C) Provide captions
D) Provide sign language interpretation

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Disabilities in this category may affect ambulation, or the ability to walk without using an assistive device and may also result in difficulty with dexterity or fine motor control.
A) Mobility
B) Flexibility
C) Body size or shape
D) Fine Motor control

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_______________ allow users to go through the content at their own pace and can be especially helpful for people who cannot read quickly.

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________________ can be used to type text, enter data into forms, and navigate web pages using keyboard-style interactions or using a mouse emulation mode

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The Solutions for challenges for people with Math and ICT who has the inability to copy graphs, figures and diagrams :

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The are all the examples of :

A) learning disabilities,
B) auditory disabilities,
C) Autism spectrum disorder,
D) traumatic brain injury,
E) stroke, and cancer (oral or laryngeal).

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Only ____________  is accessible, because it can be converted into braille by a screen reader

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The solution for People with Dyslexia and Reading disabilities often perceive words as floating and not in a line:

A) Can use a special font developed for Dyslexia which weights the letters down and makes similar figures appear differently
B) May be granted additional time to complete tasks
C) Can use enhance visual focus
D) Can use screen reader

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The solutions for people with Dyslexia and Reading disabilities often perceive words differently than others such as seeing p b d q as the same letter:

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Some people have described their experiences of reading with_____________ as letters appearing to move around, switch around, and swap in and out of place.

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_________________  that translates the user's spoken words into language that the computer can understand.

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People with ________________ may not understand some kinds of slang or idiomatic expressions, low cognitive functions in other areas, such as social skills or emotional awareness.

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A transcript is not sufficient, because without _______________, viewers can't know exactly where the transcript lines up with the video.

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_________________ can arise as a result of congenital conditions that are with an individual from birth, or developmental conditions that are with a person from a young age.

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_________________ are related to a person’s stature, proportions, or shape, such as dwarfism, rheumatoid arthritis, acromegaly (increased bone size), and obesity would all fall under this category.

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People with cognitive disabilities may have difficulty processing information, especially text-based information that uses complex language:

A) Supplement text-based information with images and other visuals to reinforce understanding
B) Create simple and organized designs
C) Ensure users are alerted
B) Use simple, easy-to-understand language when presenting text based information

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The concern with deafness is the accessibility of audio, in either :
A) audio-only formats
B) audio combined with video
C) captions and texts
D) transcripts and synchronized captions

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Time-dependent audio and video require_____________ .

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The solutions for people with Dyslexia and Reading disabilities who may have difficulty solving problems presented through security features such as CAPTCHA is to:

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______________  are characterized by the inability to produce or organize speech sounds and syllables correctly or with fluency.

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People who have inability to perform calculations:

A) Can use an accessibility accommodation link to a reference sheet with common equations when provided
B) Can use an onscreen calculator as an accommodation
C) May be granted additional time to complete tasks

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Below are the solutions for people with ______________  who often require additional time to read and process content:

A) Can extend time outs and return to the same location on the page.
B) Can use a screen reader to get content in an auditory method to reinforce what is being seen
C) Can use screen readers which highlight the word or phrase being read to assist with tracking.
D) Can use enhance visible focus indicators to keep track of their position on the page.
E) Can use special programs or dictionaries which present words with pictures
F) May be granted additional time to complete tasks

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Assistive Technologies Used by People with Motor Disabilities is :
A) Expanded Keyboard with Raised Sections Between Keys
B) Vertical Keyboard with Mouth Stick
C) Braille Devices
D) Screen Reader

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Words or parts of words may be involuntarily repeated, speech sounds may be prolonged, or speech sounds may be stopped or blocked completely

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When a person has difficulty with articulating words, he or she may have a ____________.

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_________________ is a speech disability that affects the fluency of speech sounds.

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